Report Number: 006 document 7

Towards a Renewed Ecumenical Strategy

Document 7

Late in January, 2003, Faith Worship and Ministry sponsored a gathering with representation from across Canada to reconsider the ecumenical strategy of the Anglican Church of Canada. This was in part responding to the results of a survey of ecumenical relations undertaken by Faith Worship and Ministry in August of 2002.

The findings of the January gathering resulted in a renewed awareness of the unity of the church as a divine gift waiting to be discovered. This fundamental realization engendered and energized a new sense of what it means for the Anglican Church of Canada to work and act strategically in ecumenical relationships. The gathering suggested concrete expressions of this strategy in the following ways:

The gathering further recognised the need for a vision statement which was so crafted as to validate and enable local, even individual, ecumenical encounter, relationships and partnerships with Christian groups with whom we do not presently have formally established dialogues.

With these findings we offer the following vision statement for adoption by our church.

As members of the Anglican Church of Canada we believe that we are called: