Resolution Number: A020

Subject: The Declaration of Principles - Eligibility of Clergy

Moved By: Ronald Stevenson (Chancellor )

Seconded By: The Rt. Rev. Fred Hiltz from the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Note: The mover and the seconder must be members of the General Synod and be present in the House when the resolution is before the synod for debate.


That first reading be given to the resolution that The Declaration of Principles be amended as follows:

1. by amending section 3 c) to read:

c) The Order of Clergy shall consist of clerical members of The Anglican Church of Canada or of a church in full communion with the Anglican Church of Canada elected by the several diocesan synods according to such rules as they may adopt, subject to the provisions of subsection f). In a diocese that has no synodical organization such appointments shall be made by the bishop; and

2. by amending subsection 3 f) vi) to read:

vi) the words “licensed members of the clergy”, as used in this section and elsewhere in the Constitution shall mean all clerical members of The Anglican Church of Canada or of a church in full communion with the Anglican Church of Canada holding the license of the bishop of a diocese to perform the functions of the ordained ministry within the diocese, excepting and excluding those who are resident in the diocese but are on leave from another diocese, and those who are in receipt of benefits from the pension funds of the Church (other than for temporary disability) and who are not in charge of a parish or fully engaged in the work of the ordained ministry.

EXPLANATORY NOTE/BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Both the Joint Anglican Lutheran Commission and the Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee have requested preparation of the necessary amendments to make Lutheran clergy who are licensed by an Anglican bishop in accordance with section 2 of Canon IV eligible for election to Anglican offices. Such amendments should apply, as does Canon IV, to clergy of any church in full communion with The Anglican Church of Canada. The first step at the General Synod level is to change sections 3 c) and 3 f) vi) of the Declaration of Principles to include such clergy in the number of licensed clergy used to determine the size of diocesan representation in General Synod and to include any of them who are elected to General Synod in the membership of the Order of Clergy.

The Council of the General Synod has approved the motion for submission to the Synod. Amendments to the Declaration of Principles must be adopted at two successive General Synods. Assuming that happens, in 2007 companion amendments to the corresponding sections of the Constitution would be proposed - they can be passed at one session.


Source: Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee
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Submitted by: The General Secretary