Resolution Number: A050

Subject: Rules of Order and Procedure - Courtesies of Synod

Moved By: Archdeacon Jim Boyles(General Secretary)

Seconded By: Dorothy Davies-Flindall from the Diocese of Ontario

Note: The mover and the seconder must be members of the General Synod and be present in the House when the resolution is before the synod for debate.



That section 3 c) of the Rules of Order and Procedure be amended to read:

c) During a meeting of the General Synod the Treasurer, overseas, ecumenical and Indigenous partners, and representatives of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund shall be entitled to be present and, subject to these Rules of Order and Procedure, to participate in any discussion without the right to vote.

EXPLANATORY NOTE/BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Section 3 of the Rules of Order and Procedure deals with extending the courtesies of the Synod to persons who are not members. Section 3(a) provides for the chair to invite anyone to address the synod, e.g. Stephen Lewis in 2004 ; 3(b) provides for members of committees, etc. to sit and participate in debate while a report of the committee, etc. is being considered; and 3(c) says the Treasurer and overseas and ecumenical partners may be present and, subject to the rules, participate in discussion.

As PWRDF is now a separate body and no longer a Standing Committee of the Synod its representatives no longer fall under 3(b). The Council of the General Synod recommends that section 3(c) be expanded to include indigenous partners and PWRDF representatives among those who may be present and, subject to the Rules, participate in discussion.


Source: The Council of the General Synod
  (name of committee, diocese, etc.)
Submitted by: The General Secretary