Resolution Number: A101

Subject: Anglican Journal Terms of Reference –
Appendix C of General Synod Handbook

Moved By: The Rev. Rob Towler from the Diocese of Huron

Seconded By: Judy Darling from the Diocese of Ottawa

Note: The mover and the seconder must be members of the General Synod and be present in the House when the resolution is before the synod for debate.


That the terms of reference as published in the 13th edition of the Handbook of General Synod – Appendix C be rescinded and replaced by the following:


The Corporation

1. Anglican Journal is a federally incorporated organization with controlling interest held by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada. It was federally incorporated as of January 23, 2002 under the Canada Corporations Act as Anglican Journal/Journal Anglican and qualified for charitable status on April 12, 2002 (BN 86598 8116 RR0001).

2. The objects of the Corporation are:

(a) to advance and present the Christian faith and stimulate debate on issues of concern to the Church;

(b) to inform Anglicans in Canada about the domestic and international work of the Church and to provide relevant news of the worldwide communion and of other faith communities;

(c) in furtherance of the foregoing, to do the following:

a. produce, publish and distribute a national newspaper with an independent editorial policy representing Anglicans in Canada, but not being the official voice of the Church;

b. provide a means to distribute other Anglican materials and publications as inserts to the national newspaper;

c. provide a means to distribute other information of value and interest to Anglicans;

d. maintain pertinent information on Anglican membership for the national and diocesan offices of the Anglican Church of Canada in a database format.

3. Anglican Journal is an important instrument of communication for the Anglican Church of Canada. The newspaper is encouraged to express the full range of opinion within the Anglican Church community and is editorially independent. The editor makes all decisions on editorial content. When expression of opinion conflicts with official church policy, as stated by decisions of the General Synod or the Council of the General Synod, the newspaper will, at the same time, carry an explanation by an informed spokesperson of the official position of the church.

4. Anglican Journal operates in accordance with the Statement of Ethics and Standards of the Professional Practice of the Associated Church Press.

The Board of Directors

5. The Board of Directors is the publisher of Anglican Journal and supervises the management of the corporation. The Board of Directors reports to the controlling member (General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada) through the Council of General Synod and liaises with the Information Resources Committee.

6. The Board of Directors is responsible for the appointment of all officers and establishes the terms of engagement of the Editor. Powers and duties of other officers are such as the terms of their engagement call for or as the Board specifies.


Prior to 2003, Anglican Journal operations were overseen by a sub-committee of the Information Resources Committee. With uncertainty about the future of General Synod, and in order to preserve the existence of the Journal, the decision was made to incorporate separately from General Synod. An independent Anglican Journal Board was created to supervise the management of the corporation and serve as publisher of Anglican Journal, and that step ensured the continuation of the newspaper as well as all diocesan publications that rely on the Journal for distribution. The Anglican Journal Board of Directors assumed control of the publication on January 1, 2003.


Source: Anglican Journal Board of Directors
  (name of committee, diocese, etc.)
Submitted by: The Rev. Rob Towler