Resolution Number: A155

Subject: Ballistic Missile Defense

Moved By: Ms. Phyllis Creighton from the Diocese of Toronto

Seconded By: Ms. Karen Rinehart Pidcock from the Diocese of Kootenay

Note: The mover and the seconder must be members of the General Synod and be present in the House when the resolution is before the synod for debate.


That this General Synod, having gone on record as opposing Canadian participation in the proposed Ballistic Missile Defense Program of the US administration, request the General Secretary to communicate with dioceses by June 30, 2004, inviting them:


Act 80 (General Synod 2001) called on the Government of Canada “to take a strong stand against the US National Missile Defense scheme; to refuse Canadian participation in NMD; and to work for a treaty to ban weaponization of space and keep space as the common peaceful heritage of the world.”

In May 2003, the General Secretary wrote to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Report #005 – Appendix C) reiterating General Synod’s opposition to the US national missile defense system, and calling for a treaty to ban weaponization of space.

In March 2004, the Canadian Council of Churches sent a letter (Report #005-Appendix D) to the Prime Minister, signed by Church leaders, urging him to “guide Canada to an intensified commitment to nuclear disarmament and binding controls over ballistic missiles as the most effective and practical means of working for the safety and protection of Canadians.”

In February 2004, the Executive Committee of the World Council of Churches issued a statement on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, affirming on behalf of member churches “our belief that the only ultimate protection against nuclear weapons is their total elimination,” and urging all States to reinvigorate nuclear disarmament efforts, including “rejection of strategic Ballistic Missile Defence”.

KAIROS, in its current “Cultivating Just Peace” Campaign (2003-2004), is calling on the government of Canada to pursue an Agenda for Just Peace, which would seek human security rather than military security through respect for human rights, strengthened social security, control of arms exports, increased development aid and the cancellation of debts of poor countries.


Points to make in writing to the Prime Minister about Ballistic Missile Defense:


Source: EcoJustice Committee
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Submitted by: Ms. Sue Winn, Chair