Resolution Number: A159

Subject: Kyoto Accord

Moved By: The Rev. Ken Gray from the Diocese of Kootenay

Seconded By: The Rt. Rev. David Ashdown from the Diocese of Keewatin

Note: The mover and the seconder must be members of the General Synod and be present in the House when the resolution is before the synod for debate.


That this General Synod:

  1. Commend the work of the Climate Change Action Network of Canada and its participation in the process through which the Federal Government of Canada ratified the Kyoto Accord.
  2. Request the EcoJustice Committee to call on dioceses to engage in advocacy with provincial authorities to ensure effective implementation of the accord.
  3. Request the General Secretary to write to the Federal Government by June 30, 2004, calling on them to seek ways to formulate further international agreement towards additional reductions of Greenhouse Gas emissions in order to reach more sustainable levels of atmospheric CO2 and other pollutants implicated in global warming.


Source: EcoJustice Committee
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Submitted by: Ms. Sue Winn, Chair