Resolution Number: A171

Subject: Code of Ethics

Moved By: Stephen Andrews from the Diocese of Algoma

Seconded By: Fred Hiltz from the Diocese of Nova Scotia

Note: The mover and the seconder must be members of the General Synod and be present in the House when the resolution is before the synod for debate.


That this General Synod:

  1. ask the Faith Worship and Ministry Committee to produce a guide for dioceses to assist in the development or adaptation, and adoption, of codes of ethics and of best standards for those authorized for the practice of ministry; and
  2. encourage each diocese to develop such codes of ethics during the next 2 triennia 2004-2010, with the assistance of this guide, and to report on progress to General Synod 2007.


The Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee believes that development and adherence to codes of ethics can guide and support the integrity of our common life and our ministry to the world. Diocesan development or adaptation of a code can help clergy and laity to articulate together the particular expression of Christian values that characterize the mission of their diocese as a part of the wider church. Additionally, such codes, once adopted, protect laity, clergy and the church by clarifying appropriate and ethical behaviours and the procedures for dealing with irregularities. This, in turn, can promote the healing, reconciliation and pastoral care to which we are all committed. Accountability to codes of ethics may also contribute to clergy wellness by encouraging and assisting clergy to engage in self-care in order to provide consistent ethical, compassionate service and leadership to others.

It was noted that the work on Dignity, Inclusion and Fair Treatment, and Anti-Racism, should be considered in the process of developing the guide.


Source: Faith Worship and Ministry Committee
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Submitted by: Stephen Andrews, Chair