Resolution Number: A178

Subject: Renewal of Marriage Vows

Moved By: Peter Wall from the Diocese of Niagara

Seconded By: Fred Hiltz from the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

Note: The mover and the seconder must be members of the General Synod and be present in the House when the resolution is before the synod for debate.


That this General Synod authorize A Renewal of Marriage Vows or On The Anniversary of a Marriage for use where permitted by the local Ordinary.


General Synod 2001 called for the creation of a liturgy to celebrate the renewal of marriage vows. FWM forwards for authorization the liturgical text currently in use in the Book of Occasional Celebrations p. 54 ff.).

The proposed service is found in the documents section of the Faith Worship and Ministry Report to General Synod. (Report 006 document 10).


Source: Faith Worship and Ministry Committee
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Submitted by: Stephen Andrews, Chair