The General Synod Times: Winter 2004

Brock University

General Synod will be held at Brock University, located in the City of St. Catharines, Ontario. The university is located atop the Niagara Escarpment overlooking St. Catharines and Lake Ontario and is easily accessible via the QEW and 406 highways. It is approximately 110 km. from Toronto and 50 km. from Hamilton. Brock is located at the southern end of St. Catharines in a park-like setting.


The university accommodation is excellent - air-conditioned, bright rooms with adjoining bathrooms (shared by two rooms) and telephones with computer jacks. Laundry facilities are located on the lower level. All facilities at Brock University and a number of residence rooms are handicap accessible. Delegates will be asked to indicate special requirements on the registration form.

Travel to General Synod

Following a bidding process UNIGLOBE Vector Travel has been designated the official travel agent for General Synod 2004. Delegates are required to make arrangements for air and train travel through UNIGLOBE Vector Travel. Booking through UNIGLOBE will ensure that delegates are kept up-to-date on scheduled changes and accurate information is available to the Local Arrangements Committee for ground transportation. In order to minimize travel costs and to reduce the strain on volunteer resources, UNIGLOBE has been requested to arrange flights into Hamilton International Airport wherever possible. Transportation to and from Brock University will be provided from the Hamilton International Airport and also from train/bus stations in St. Catharines and in exceptional circumstances only from Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

Via Rail offers passenger train service into St. Catharines. Delegates may find this to be a relaxing alternative to flying or driving to General Synod. The Local Arrangements Committee will arrange pickup from the train station in St. Catharines and also from the bus terminal.

Many delegates from the central Ontario region will drive to St. Catharines. General Synod will reimburse the driver at the rate of 35 cents per km. Delegates from areas outside the central Ontario region who wish to drive will be reimbursed up to the cost of the least expensive airline ticket from their home city or town or actual mileage, whichever is less. Forms to claim expenses for those driving to General Synod will be provided.


We have received several offers from people interested in volunteering at General Synod. The Local Arrangements Committee would be happy to hear from you if you live in the Diocese of Niagara within traveling distance of Brock University in St. Catharines, please contact: Canon Charles Stirling, or Jette Thomas

General Synod 1905 - 99 Years Ago!

The Fourth Session of the General Synod of the Church of England in Canada was held in the City of Quebec from Wednesday, September 6 th to Friday, September 15 th 1905. The Most Reverend William Bennett Bond, Lord Archbishop of Montreal, was Primate, having replaced Archbishop Robert Machray, the first Primate. Archbishop Bond had recently celebrated his 90 th birthday and received congratulations from the Synod. He served as Primate until his death in October 1906.

In 1905 the Upper House (the bishops) met separately from the Lower House (clergy and laity) except for opening formalities and services. Messages (resolutions) were passed from one House to the other through the Prolocutor and following debate, Synod voted to concur, amend or reject the message. Among many Acts of General Synod 1905 were the formation of a Joint Committee on the formation of an Anglican Young People's Society; authorization of the compilation and publication by the Church of a Hymnal for general use; and enactment of a Canon forbidding the solemnization of the marriage of divorced persons.


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