Orders of the Day: Thursday June 3

8:00–9:00 AM

Home Groups



Morning Prayer

Plenary Hall


Second Report of Nominating Committee

Resolution to adopt the report

Resolution A 134 Blessing of Same Sex Unions

Part 6 continued


A 135 Blessing of Same Sex Unions

- Resources



Presentation on Residential Schools Staff

Resolution C 002 Residential Schools Staff



Partners’ Report – Bishop and Mrs. Duleep Chickera



Grace George Addison, Brock University Chaplain

Box lunches

Display area


Meeting of Standing Committees

Th 256 - Eco Justice

Th 257 - Partners in Mission

Th 258 - Communications & Information Resources

WC 284 - Pensions

WC 213 - Financial Management & Development

WC Court 1 - Faith Worship & Ministry




A 130 Serving God’s World, Strengthening the Church

A 131 Letting Down the Nets

A 132 Committee and Council Goals 2004-07

A 133 Council of General Synod Membership

A 079 Canon VI Financial Management & Development

A 080 Canon VIII General Synod Pension & Income

Continuance Plan

A 081 Canon IX Lay Retirement Plan

A 082 Canon XII Continuing Education Plan

A 230 Incorporation of the Pension Office

A 231 Amendments to the Reg. Of Canon VIII The General Synod Pension & Income Continuance Plans

A 232 Amendments to the Reg. Of Canon IX The Lay

Retirement Plan

A 233 Amendments to the Reg. Of Canon XII

The Continuing Education Plan

A 234 Amendments to the Long Term Disability Plan


A 235 Financial Statements

Other Resolutions

Plenary Hall


Partners’ Report – Robert Mills, UCC





Dining Hall


No Debate List


Plenary Hall


Night Prayer

Plenary Hall


Evening Social (Diocese of Rupert’s Land)

Pond Inlet

Resolutions: to be considered as time permits in the order listed

A 077 Canon XXI – Marriage Commissions

A 100 Appendix B – Communications & Information Resources

– Terms of Reference

A 101 Appendix C – Anglican Journal – Terms of Reference

A 178 Renewal of Marriage Vows

A 073 Canon XVII – Licensing of Clergy

A 076 Canon XXI – Marriage – Impediments of Relationship

A 020 Eligibility of Clergy

A 150 R Support for Partnership for Life Campaign

A 151 Cultivating a Just Peace

A 154 Globalization and Free Trade

A 171 Code of Ethics

A 174 Standards for Theological Education

A 175R Funding for Theological Colleges

A 176 Funding for Graduate Studies in Theological Education

A 157 Housing and Homelessness

A 160 UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples

A 177 Blessing and Celebration of a Civil Marriage

A 180 Changes to Episcopal Services Language – BAS

A 250 Columbia

C 001 Rejection of War

C 003 Youth Leadership Development

A 170 Anglican Roman Catholic Relations – Gift of Authority

A 155 Ballistic Missile Defence

A 250 Columbia

B 001 Unified book of common prayer

B 002 Sho’ah memorial

B 003 St. George, Harriston

C 004 Relations with PWRDF and The Journal

C 005 Insurance

C 006 Ecological stewardship

C 007 Timing of General Synod

C 008 Response to resolution A 134

C 009 Youth involvement in the national church


The Anglican Book Centre invites everyone to a book launch for Ted Scott’s biography ‘Radical Compassion’ at Pond Inlet from 5:00 – 6:00 PM today. Archbishop Scott and the author, Hugh McCullum, will be present to autograph books.

The Diocese of Rupert’s Land which will be hosting the General Synod in 2007 invites everyone to a attend the evening social at Pond Inlet following tonight’s session.

Please check with the local arrangements table outside the plenary hall to confirm your departure times if you have not already done so.