Arriving at Synod

1. My Train/Plane/Bus Has Arrived – Now What?

For most delegates and partners . . . . If you arrive at Hamilton International Airport, Toronto Pearson Airport, the Via Rail or Bus Stations in St. Catharines on Thursday, May 27 th or Friday, 28 th, you will be met by volunteers from the Diocese of Niagara who will provide transportation to Brock University. Hand held signs that read ‘SYNOD’ will identify volunteers.

Those arriving prior to May 27th or departing after June 5 th are on their own for the arrangements and expense of traveling between their arrival point and the University. We hope the information* listed below will be helpful to you in making your arrangements.

Help! - I Missed the Scheduled Pick-up

Toronto or Hamilton Airports - First, look for the General Synod volunteers. They will be aware if your flight has been delayed and they will be expecting you. If you are at Toronto Pearson Airport go to the General Synod Kiosk. There will be a kiosk set up in each terminal. In Hamilton, there will be volunteers on duty. If you are unable to locate a volunteer, please contact the emergency number at Brock University - 905-688-5550 Ext. 3369.

From the VIA Rail Station or the bus station in St. Catharines, please take a taxi to Brock University, Conference Check In at the Earp Residence.

2. Driving Directions to Brock University (map)

From Toronto

From Highway 401 West, take 403 South to the Queen Elizabeth Highway (QEW) in the direction of Niagara Falls. Follow the Queen Elizabeth Way around the lake, then Southeast to St. Catharines. At Exit 49, turn onto Highway 406 and continue until you reach St. David’s Road. Take the St. David’s Road West Exit and follow until you reach Glenridge Avenue

From the Hamilton Airport

Turn left on Airport Road. Turn left on Hwy. 6 ( Upper James Street) and continue to the Lincoln Alexander Parkway (the 'LINC'). Turn east on the Lincoln Alexander Parkway which will turn into Mud Street. Turn left on Hwy. 20 ( Upper Centennial Parkway). Take Hwy. 20 to the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) east to Niagara Falls. At Exit 49, turn onto Highway 406 (towards Welland/Port Colborne) and continue until you reach St. David Road. Take the St. David’s Road West Exit and follow until you reach Glenridge Avenue

3. How Do I Register?

Registration will take place in the foyer of the Earp residence from 1:00 P.M. May 27 th and on May 28 th. There will be two registration desks:

4. Where’s My Room?

After you have registered, volunteers will be in the main foyer to help you find your room and assist you with your luggage.

5. Name Tags

Your registration package will include a colour-coded nametag, which will identify you as a member of Synod or partner and give your name and diocese. Your name tag will identify you to other Synod members, Secretaries of Synod (for voting and balloting), General Synod and university staff, and a host of volunteers. It is very important for you to wear your name tag at all times. Access to the Plenary floor will be restricted to those wearing the appropriate identification.

6. Is the Dining Hall Open?

The first arranged meal is dinner on Thursday, May 27 (5:00 – 6:30 p.m.) in the residence dining hall. Arrangements will be made for delegates who have requested dinner, but who may be arriving later than the posted mealtime.

At registration you will receive detailed information about meals during Synod.

If you arrive prior to dinnertime on May 27th, refreshments are available from Tim Horton’s in the Thistle Complex and in the Physical Education Complex, and at several other outlets on campus. Details will be provided in your registration package. If you wish to have a meal in St. Catharines, volunteers will be available to give suggestions and directions to restaurants. A campus map was included on the back of your Orientation Book and will be available at the registration desk.

7. What’s Happening on Friday, May 28?

Registration, orientation for all members of Synod, first meetings of sessional committees, presentation rehearsals and the Opening Service will all take place on Friday, May 28. Notice of the exact times and locations of these meetings will be posted in the registration area.

The opening service will be held in the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre on the Brock campus, at 7:00 p.m. Priority seating will be given to all General Synod members and others who are registered at Synod. Please be sure to wear your nametag to the service.

Help! I Need to Get Hold of Somebody!

If your plane/train is re-scheduled at the last minute; if you are driving and you get lost, etc., the number to call is 905-688-5550 Ext. 3369. This will put you through to the University Conference Centre, which is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your message will be passed along to the appropriate person or you will be given instructions as appropriate.

Note: Information only for those arriving prior to May 27 th or departing after June 5 th

The following information is provided as a help to those arriving prior to May 27 th or departing after June 5 th, who are responsible for their own arrangements and expense. This is not applicable to the majority of delegates.

Hamilton Airport - Airways Transit 1-905-689-4460 /

Toronto Pearson Airport – Niagara Air Bus - Those identifying themselves as General Synod Delegates will receive a 5% discount. Fares listed are per person & do not include GST or gratuity:

One person $51 each way or $83 return with discount = $ 78.95

Two people $46 each way or $64 return with discount = $ 60.80

Three or more people - subject to the group rate less the 5% discount. If people book on line, they will receive a further 10% off. These fares are refundable if cancelled over 24 hour prior. For rates and booking:

Local taxis will provide service from St. Catharine’s Via Rail and Bus Stations to the Brock University.