Media facilities at General Synod

News media representatives will be required to register at the reception desk and to obtain and wear a name badge in order to gain access to the plenary hall and to the newsroom. Space in the plenary hall is extremely limited; accredited journalists are therefore invited to monitor the proceedings from the newsroom.

The newsroom is Room 240 in the Walker Complex. The room is directly above the plenary hall. Sound and a video monitor will be available in the newsroom. It is expected that journalists will provide their own equipment and supplies. This media kit is being distributed to registered news media representatives in advance of General Synod. There will be a limited number available in the newsroom. There will also be a limited number of Convening Circulars (agendas and supporting documents) in the newsroom. In addition there will be a limited number of audio and video feeds from the floor of the plenary hall. (Specifications are available on request.)

The following are General Synod contacts who will be available in the newsroom:

Telephone numbers for the newsroom and cell phone numbers for the people listed above will be made available on-site.

For more information in advance of General Synod, please contact Josie De Lucia at 416 924 9199 ext. 294;