General Synod proceedings viewed throughout the world

By Diana Mavunduse
June 03, 2004

St. Catharines, Ont.
Although the meeting of General Synod 2004 was only limited to about 400 delegates and visitors, thousands of people throughout the world, joined in the discussions and debates via the web cast.

As of today (Thursday) over 16,000 connections were made to the live broadcast, said Brian Bukowski, general synod web manager. "Though most of the viewers were from North America, we got connections in every other continent," said Mr. Bukowski.

Locations where the web cast was accessed during the election.

However, it is impossible to tell how many different people visited the web cast; the statistics only reveal the number of connections or visits.

Anglican Video, the General Synod video production company, provided the video feed, throughout the proceedings.

In addition to the live broadcast, the web site also archived many moments of synod so that visitors could access them later. Included in those archived items is the acting primate's opening address, remarks made by primate elect, archbishop Andrew Hutchison upon his election and Stephen Lewis presentation on HIV/AIDS.

Also included in the web cast were live interviews hosted by Tim Morgan. His on-camera interviews, commentaries and analysis of the daily proceedings have also been archived.

Despite a few problems experienced, responses where overwhelmingly positive. Viewers expressed their thanks to the web site staff through e-mails.

The web casting will end tomorrow (Friday) with the closing worship and installation ceremony of the new primate, which will take place in Hamilton at Christ's Church Cathedral.

Information about the 37th General Synod can be found at: