Live Report with Tim Morgan

Tim Morgan, an Anglican from the Diocese of Rupert’s Land, will be joining the Anglican Video team for the web cast of the 2004 General Synod at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, from May 28 th to June 4 th.

Mr. Morgan, a Winnipeg resident and University of Manitoba student, will be doing on-camera summaries, interviews and analysis once General Synod gets underway.

After years of broadcasting highlights of General Synod on Vision TV, the Anglican Church of Canada decided in 2001 to make the entire meeting available for viewing on the web. The web cast was seen as a success, but what some felt was missing was a “guide” or interpreter to lead the audience through the long days of debate and presentations.

Mr. Morgan, a member of the Information Resources Committee, will fill that role - providing viewers with extra information and insights into the proceedings. He will do his commentary before and after sessions and during breaks.

These highlights will be recorded and available for review from the web cast highlight page.

Very special thanks to Robert Martin, writer of the Daily Report, for his assistance in researching content for the Live Report.